Cheerfulness in CCMES

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Photo Caption: Assumpta showing Philomene a video shot when Philomene was playing an amusing game.

Happiness, joy and intense emotions were one of the characters shown by members of CCMES during a fellowship journey that took place at Muhazi Water Sport in Rwamagana district. This journey took place on October 17th 2019 when members especially youths and parents departed from Kigali to Rwamagana. It is a one-hour journey from Giporoso Bus park in Remera. During the journey, people were asking one another questions like, “Are we still in Kigali?”, “What is the name of this location?’, because it was the first time for most of them to step there. Those who were familiar to the place were also helping, “This is Nyagasambu, we came along from Rugende and we are heading to Musha plain”. Upon reaching at Muhazi Water Sport, plenty of them started wondering what is going next. It is an adventurous garden, sounds of singing birds are heard on the side, silence……. birds singing again and so on. It is a calm place, located at shore of Muhazi lake, it is a place worth of relaxation. Before doing anything, they preceded for a short prayer of thanksgiving and dedication of the following activities to the Lord. The members were explained what this fellowship is about. In a short speech, the head of this delegation Phelomene told them the purpose of this journey fellowship. She stressed that as the name of this organization ’Ijwi ry’umubeyeyi utihebye’ indicates, there is no need to be stuck in a griefed life though searching for kids lost during the genocide against the Tutsi is still an ongoing process. “So we came here to change our mind a little bit and breath a new breath,”, said Philomene. To have an enjoyable fellowship, these members used short amusing games to help them network and relax. These include filling a water bottle using your hands, running with their legs in a sack and running carrying egg on a spoon. Attendants of this activity said that it was a wonderful event, but most importantly an event giving hope to the future. Uwamahoro Claudine says that she used to go out different times but what she saw was different. She affirms that as a tourism student, she used to travel to a lot of places, but what she saw was so emotional and made her realize that there is no need to be stuck with grief. “Watching those women playing amusing games made me cry. An old woman jumping a cord, boys running with legs in sacks, watching all of that was extreme to my thoughts and it raised my emotions”, said Claudine Uwamahoro. On another hand, an old widower who goes by the name of Cansilde, was very proud of such an event because she spends most of her time lonely, meditating about her own life. “It is really above my expectations. Upon arriving here, I thought that we are going to share testimonies like that last time in Kigali, but to see people of the same age and experience, but getting a time to relax was very wonderful to me. Didn’t you see that I celebrated after winning?”, Cansiled added smiling. Cri du Couer d’une Mère qui Espère (CCMES) is a Rwanda-based organization founded by Beatrice Mukamulindwa, one of the parents who lost their kids during the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi. The organization’s purpose is to link children lost by their families in that time. It has members in different provinces of the country

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